Medical, Dental & Pharmacy


All dental providers practicing within the scope of practice for their licensure are eligible to provide services to PrimeWest Health members as long as they are willing to accept PrimeWest Health reimbursement as "payment in full" and agree not to balance bill our members.

For more information on dental services (including when to request a Service Authorization), please review the Covered Services, Non-Covered Services, Billing, and Submitting Dental Service Authorization Requests sections.

PrimeWest Health encourages providers and partners to share information about mobile dental outreach clinics with members.

Dental providers and county partners may also find the following resources helpful.

PrimeWest Health’s dental program


  • The current PrimeWest Health Dental Covered Services chart explains what dental codes are covered for the following member groups:
    • Children under age 21 and pregnant adults
    • Non-pregnant adults age 21 and over

Oral health education


Ideas for your practice – PrimeWest Health handouts

Quick Reference Guide for Dental Providers

Use this reference guide as a resource for billing, claims submission, service authorization, covered services, and provider updates.

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